Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trying to change the world& Domestic Violence

It seems to simple to be sitting here doing nothing about the people that need help in our community. It seems so simple to turn away from someone holding a sign trying to get food; and it seems so simple to help people in another country; when we have starving children here in America every day. About 2 weeks ago I got a phone call that changed my life. My mother told me that a family member ( who I will leave un named) was injured in a domestic violence situation. Her husband held her down and sliced her throat. He told her that she was going to die. He watched her as she bled out. She was able to get to the phone to call 911. The reason that this affected me in the way that it did; is because it seems like a generational curse- my moms mom was abused at some point in her life, my mom and my aunts and my cousins- these tragic situations seemed to be repeating its self; over and over again generation after generation. I was at one time in a violent relationship. I knew that it was not what I wanted for my life- yet I stayed until it got too bad. So my cousin and I were driving in the car, and we thought what a good idea it would be to try and get to the children that are being affected by domestic violence, child abuse ect...So we thought about the Mother House Crisis Nursery...because when I was 15 I recieved a crib from them for my son; because I could not afford one at the time because I was so young...and my cousin and I thought how neat would it be if we could help them help the children that are coming into the nursery. So, we thought about having a run/walk for this benefit....we had things rolling with this event...we had every thing except for the permit....I called the Rockford Park District, who said that the permit would cost about 40 bucks...hey, not a bad price right? Wrong, they also told me that we had to have 2 million in liabilty insurance. I thought hahaha yea let me just get out my check book and get right on that!! LOL. So I started calling insurance companies- well go figure I could not for the life of me get the event insurance to do the walk- bringing awareness to domestic violence and raise money for the Mother House. So we thought what a good idea it would be to have a dinner- benefiting the mother house as well as the family member that was affected by this. We had every thing except the place. A local church said that they were pretty sure we could have it there- turns out because of liability issues- we could not have it there either. It really makes me wonder, how all of these people hold events- I mean its not like we have two million dollars to throw down on an event. So right now we am in the process of finding a new place to throw this dinner. I know that things are going to work out, but we have less than three weeks to get all of this together.

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