Saturday, September 27, 2008

Who say's college wouldn't be difficult?

I am currently going to the University Of Phoenix online campus. I am taking a class philosophy 105 and Criminal Justice. I have found this class to be the hardest class I have taken thus far. One reason I have found it to be so rediculous is because I am a christian. Seeing view points from famous philosophers and having to do papers on why God can not be real is really getting under my skin. Having to deal with a instructor who does not help, and does not make any dang sense is impossible to pass. I still have not figured out how in the world I even have an A still. Next week is the final week for this class, and I have a 14 page slide due on is God real? He want's detailed speaker notes along with a bunch of other crap. I think that this class is pointless and I have no interest in it. How is philosophy going to help me in the Criminal Justice field? With having to take my son to school every day, going to physical therapy apointments 3 times a week and having dr. appointments 2 times a week, I seriously have no idea how I am even functioning. I havent slept well in day's and I am under so much stress. The kids can really tell that I have been under stress. I think they can just sense it. If that is not bad enough I am in the process of packing up my apartment. I do not own my own car because my car my mother took when she moved to Wisconsin because it was in her name, and I was paying half of the payments...thats a whole nother story,lol....I have to move because Management told me yesterday that I could not park the car in the parking lot starting monday because it will be towed. I have to have a sticker on the car, in order to park the car here. Mind you that I have lived here for going on 5 years. She tells me that I can not have it parked here, that I can not let my future husband in my apartment to take care of the kids when I am not home. Hmmm... Wow, government housing blows. Here I am trying to take care of my back, going to college, taking care of my kids and I just can not catch a break. I have to park my fiance's car 2 blocks down the street in order to take him to school every day. That means if I do not come up with the money to move not only am I going to be screwed in the winter, I can not have any more appointments ever; while I am living in Wildberry Village. This all started because back at the end of may my son was jumped by 3 kids out side. Mind you my son was only 4 then. Wildberry village stated that no criminal behavior would be tollerated on these grounds. Yet nothing was done about that incident. I am still mad that the manager here lied to me. I did what I was suposed to do. I filed the police report, I took my son to the hospital yet her promise that some thing would be done has never been full filled. I think it is messed up that she has people living here that have people living with them that sell drugs night and day...People out side throwing parties until 5 am. People fighting constantly. Don't think that I want to be here. If I was out of college at this very moment I would get us out of here. I am trying to better my childrens lives. I just hope that the generational curse, of constantly being broke and amounting to nothing does not pass on. It was stopped with my generation. I am doing every thing that I can do to get us up out of here. Calling the cops around here is pointless. Here I am going into criminal Justice, for what? What the hell do they do? Screw every one around them by not doing their jobs? Thanks to chet epperson the police chief, nothing is getting done any where. More irrisponsible spending by the Governor and the candidates for president arnt much better than who we have now. Just because they say that is what they want to change; means absolutly nothing once they are in office. I honestly do not even want to be apart of voting this year because we are screwed either way. Our economy is terrible and I can barley afford to feed my family let alone put gas in the car. The great depression does not seem that far off. Everyone is losing their homes to forclosure because people are losing their jobs because their companies can not afford to pay them. Shame on the Government of the United States of America for getting us to this point. I have been following the election this year, and I am not impressed.

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